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McConnell responds to Kaine’s new budget

Gov. Tim Kaine’s 2008-2010 budget, along with its increased spending and cigarette tax hikes, has raised a more than a few eyebrows.  Two of those eyebrows belong to Attorney Gen. Bob McConnell:

“Spending in Richmond has increased significantly. The budget has doubled over the past ten years. With this downturn in the economy comes the opportunity to look for efficiencies in government, and find the best ways to deliver quality government services at a reduced cost to taxpayers. We did this in The Office of the Attorney General. We cut our budget by nearly 15% over the past year. While we are only one small part of the overall government, this does show that spending can be reduced, without hurting the quality of our services.”

“The Governor has called for some significant reductions in spending. This is the proper course of action to address this shortfall, and I applaud this work. I am disappointed however that the Governor has called for a tax increase. You should not raise taxes in a recession, and you cannot tax your way to prosperity. Another huge increase in the cigarette tax would potentially threaten a Virginia industry at a perilous time, while increasing the tax burden on many Virginia citizens and small businesses when they can least afford it.”

The full statement is at the link.

Unlike the past two governors of Virginia, Bob McDonnell understands that a state can’t tax its way out of recession.  The people of Virginia have had tax-raising governors since 2001.  It’s time for a change.

You can donate to Bob McDonnell’s campaign here.



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Read Bob’s Lips: “No New Taxes”

At a meeting of the four gubernatorial candidates, Bob McDonnell promised that he would not raise taxes on Virginians if elected:

Two of three Democrats likely to vie for governor next year on Tuesday declined to rule out  increasing taxes if the state’s economic problems deepen.


McDonnell also rejected taxes, saying lawmakers should cut spending. “The worst thing you can do during a recession is try to tax yourself to prosperity,” he said.

Exactly.  The last thing Virginians need is a third tax-raising governor in a row.

You can donate to Bob McDonnell’s campaign here.

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Jeff Beatty would be a Do-Something Senator

Jeff Beatty, who is running for the Senate in Massachusetts, penned an op-ed in Human Events today.  He makes a strong case that the Commonwealth’s people just can’t afford six more years of John Kerry (especially with Deval Patrick as the Governor):

Kerry’s shilling for Barack cannot mask what we here already know: The combination of Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. John Kerry has been devastating for the citizens of Massachusetts.  Under Kerry and Patrick, Massachusetts now has one of the nation’s highest property tax burdens, is among the highest in per capita debt, and is one of the few states in the country to be losing population.  Now, Governor Patrick is flirting with raising income taxes to wipe away the sins of his Democratic buddies.  In short, the Patrick/Kerry movie boils down to a series of broken promises and failed leadership.

Kerry promised people here that the Feds would pick up most of the tab for the Commonwealth’s mammoth infrastructure project called the Big Dig.  Instead this project is almost $20 billion and rising over-budget, and mass tax payers are now footing almost the whole bill.  Kerry is a staunch opponent of efforts to the repeal the death tax, fails the taxpayer by taking more PAC money than any almost other senator, and has failed to pass a single piece of his sponsored legislation in the past 9 years.

Even people who may be more socially liberal than Jeff Beatty can understand that Massachusetts’ tax burden is just too high.  They need someone in office who can call attention to the serial abuses of the public trust that exist in Massachusetts, while standing up for the rights of all Americans.

If Sen. John Kerry has done anything during his time in the Senate, it’s prove that his only constituent is himself.

You can donate to Jeff Beatty’s campaign here.

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Dino Rossi gets hoppy

Washington gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi stopped by the Brulotte Hop Farms to lay out his plan for Washington’s agriculture industry and respond to the hop farmer’s concerns:

Owners of the farm explained how difficult hops farms can be because of all the equipment necessary to maintain and harvest the crop.

“These are all small business people. You know these are folks that believe they have a product or service that someone else wants and they risk their families entire financial future to chase this dream. And unfortunately having the highest small business failure rates in America they have a less than reasonable shot at success here in Washington. But it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Rossi.

One of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a successful small business is over-taxation, which includes the death tax. It’s hard to keep a small family business afloat if you have to pay half a family member’s worth in taxes when they die.  Dino Rossi has vowed to not only cut wasteful spending and taxation, but to oppose the death tax as well.

You can donate to Dino Rossi’s campaign here.

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Like city income taxes? Rep. Kenny Hulshof’s your man!

Missouri gubernatorial candidate Sarah Steelman understands that burdensome tax policies inhibit economic growth.  Rep. Kenny Hulshof?  Not so much:

Steelman would phase out the tax over a five or six year period and work with the cities on solving any temporary shortfall. She also comments that the cities could probably trim some wasteful spending to make up a good part of the shortfall until new economic gains kick in.

Steelman doesn’t specify what alternate revenue sources she has in mind, but says she draws ideas from conservative think-tank The Show Me Institute in St. Louis. MU economics professor Joseph Haslag has done most of their earnings tax research.


In Missouri, the choice is clear.  State Treasurer Sarah Steelman is following the lead of the free market Show-Me Institute.  Rep. Kenny Hulshof is following the lead of Democratic mayors like St. Louis’ Francis Slay.

You can donate to Sarah Steelman’s campaign here.  Also, make sure to volunteer if you’re able.


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Will an unpopular governor help Andy Harris?

Andy Harris’ Democratic opponent in Maryland’s 1st District has received the endorsement of Gov. Martin O’Malley.  But will this endorsement help or hurt?

Harris exudes confidence in his contest for an open race in the 1st Congressional District. He’s taking on Democratic Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney Frank Kratovil, but Republicans at the fair say Harris has a big advantage because of Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley.

The governor attended Kratovil’s campaign announcement last year and is a key ally. But O’Malley’s approval ratings have slipped since he steered through $1.4 billion in new taxes that took effect this year. Although Kratovil isn’t disavowing the governor, he’s not exactly posing for pictures with him, either.

“Nobody likes the governor,” said Diane Carabetta of Perryville, a Republican activist who came to the fair to greet Harris, who won knocked off incumbent Rep. Wayne Gilchrest in February in a bruising GOP primary.

You can donate to Andy Harris’ campaign here.

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Dino Rossi on Health Care and Transportation

Washington State Sen. Dino Rossi, who came very close to winning the 2004 Washington gubernatorial election, is set for a rematch against Gov. Christine Gregoire. While on the campaign trail this past week, he highlighted his anti-tax, free market solutions to the health care and transportation problems facing Washington state:

But after the speech, Rossi discussed his plans for the state’s transportation and health care insurance systems.

Rossi said his transportation plan provides $368 million for the ferry system’s capital budget to build new ferries and improve terminals by dedicating 40 percent of the state sales tax to transportation projects.

“You can’t finance bonds for future capital projects with the gas tax. Anyone who is relying upon the gas tax is living in the past,” he said.


He added his approach to health care would be a different, market-oriented approach rather than the “one payor system” being sought by Gregoire.

Washington has 50 mandated items that insurance companies must include in their health insurance policies while Idaho has only 14, which drives insurance companies out of the state, he said.

“I want to have the health insurance companies chasing you around the state seeking out your business,” Rossi said.

When Florida reduced its number of mandated items for health insurance policies, it saw health insurance policy choices increase and prices for those policies decrease, he said.

Washington is a state that could use both tax relief and deregulation.

Please help State Sen. Dino Rossi by either volunteering or donating to his campaign.

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