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Klein whines out the storm

As Tropical Storm Fay pummels the southern United States, someone at Free Republic remembers a promise made by Rep. Ron Klein to help Floridians find affordable home insurance:

On Tuesday August 19, 2008, Rep. Ron Klein (D) took an opportunity to whine about his failure to get a national catastrophic insurance fund bill passed. He blamed John McCain and Se. Mel Martinez for his failure to get the bill passed through a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate. Of course, tropical storm Fay was approaching the State of Florida when he decided to bring the issue up.

Here’s LTC Allen West’s response to Rep. Ron Klein:

Tropical Storm Fay reminded us of a promise by Ron Klein – to ensure access to affordable insurance that would protect Florida homeowners in the wake of powerful storms. Klein blames his Republican colleagues in the Senate for his own failure to pass legislation in a Congress controlled by his own Democratic Party.

Klein has time during his five week taxpayer-funded vacation to complain to the press and assign blame for his legislation’s defeat in the Senate. Similar versions have failed before. Quitting after the first try and whining about it won’t bring much needed relief to Florida homeowners and their families. The people of the State of Florida need a Representative who will be a tenacious advocate for their interests in the U.S. Congress. That means not giving up after the first try.

Make sure to follow the link for Allen West’s plan to help Floridians.

If there’s anything that Floridians understand, it’s that you don’t pack up your bag and leave at the first sign of trouble…or blame everyone else for your personal failings.  They expect the same qualities in their leaders in Congress.

Allen West is the principled leader that the people of Florida’s 22nd District deserve.  Let’s hope they get it this November!

You can donate to Allen West’s campaign here.


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