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Lampson vs. Olson: Why is the NRA taking sides?

Update: Please see the comments to this post for a caveat.

Rep. Nick Lampson is facing a tough re-election against Down the Ticket-endorsed candidate Pete Olson.  Although Olson is a protector of gun rights and a member of the NRA, the National Rifle Association is backing Rep. Nick Lampson (D – Texas):

But while the NRA is clearly trying to help make McCain president, the organization’s work at the congressional level is aimed at reelecting its closest friends in both parties — including pro-gun Democrats such as Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford.

Lampson, who faces a tough challenge from Republican Pete Olson in a GOP-leaning district, has received contributions from the NRA’s political action committee as well as the endorsement of its state affiliate, the Texas Rifle Association.

Alice Tripp, the association’s legislative director, said she is sending out postcards to 2,144 TRA members in Lampson’s district announcing her organization’s support of the Democrat. Lampson has a perfect voting record on issues of importance to the gun-rights group.

The NRA absolutely has the right to support and endorse whoever they choose, but I think they need to ask themselves who is more likely to support the Second Amendment in Congress: someone who has to answer to Speaker Pelosi, or someone from a party that believes in the individual right to bear arms?

Help make up for the NRA’s support of Rep. Lampson by donating to Pete Olson’s campaign.



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