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John, Freddie, and Fannie

The Enron-style accounting practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have lead to a government bailout of historic proportions.  However, it seems that the Freddie and Fannie had enough money to donate to more than a few political campaigns.  Jonah Goldberg over at NRO’s The Corner has found the top four beneficiaries of these donations:

#1 Chris Dodd
#2 John Kerry
#3 Barack Obama
#4 HIllary Clinton

Now Down the Ticket-sponsored Senate candidate Jeff Beatty is calling on Sen. John Kerry to return these donations:

Republican challenger Jeff Beatty has called on U.S. Sen. John Kerry to return campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Jeff Beatty (R) According to OpenSecrets.org, Kerry has received $111,000 in campaign donations from the two mortgage lenders between 1989 and 2008, the second most of any senator.

“This is totally inappropriate and I am demanding that he give this money back,” Beatty told PolitickerMA.com. “It just goes to show his pattern of taking special interest money.”

Somehow I doubt that Sen. Kerry will do what is right and ethical in this situation.  Just another example of a Democrat who says he is “for the people” caring not one lick about where their tax dollars are headed.

You can donate to Jeff Beatty’s campaign here.


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Dino Rossi on Health Care and Transportation

Washington State Sen. Dino Rossi, who came very close to winning the 2004 Washington gubernatorial election, is set for a rematch against Gov. Christine Gregoire. While on the campaign trail this past week, he highlighted his anti-tax, free market solutions to the health care and transportation problems facing Washington state:

But after the speech, Rossi discussed his plans for the state’s transportation and health care insurance systems.

Rossi said his transportation plan provides $368 million for the ferry system’s capital budget to build new ferries and improve terminals by dedicating 40 percent of the state sales tax to transportation projects.

“You can’t finance bonds for future capital projects with the gas tax. Anyone who is relying upon the gas tax is living in the past,” he said.


He added his approach to health care would be a different, market-oriented approach rather than the “one payor system” being sought by Gregoire.

Washington has 50 mandated items that insurance companies must include in their health insurance policies while Idaho has only 14, which drives insurance companies out of the state, he said.

“I want to have the health insurance companies chasing you around the state seeking out your business,” Rossi said.

When Florida reduced its number of mandated items for health insurance policies, it saw health insurance policy choices increase and prices for those policies decrease, he said.

Washington is a state that could use both tax relief and deregulation.

Please help State Sen. Dino Rossi by either volunteering or donating to his campaign.

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Joe Kenney releases energy plan

State Sen. Joe Kenney released his 5-point energy plan for New Hampshire today.  I’ll make you check out the link to see the entire plan (it’s short, don’t worry), but here is my favorite part of his plan:

A fourth point, that he deemed essential to making sure residents make it through the winter months, was to create an energy emergency fund fueled by businesses and non-profits.

“It will address how we’re going to get through the winter months,” said Kenney.

Kenney said the fund will emphasize the role of first responders and community leaders in recognizing residents most in need of help during these difficult times.

The citizens of New Hampshire are known for what Grover Norquist would call their “Leave Me Alone” outlook on government.  However, in the past few election cycles, we have seen the people of New Hampshire reject the Republican Party.  Joe Kenney’s candidacy presents an excellent opportunity to help turn New Hampshire back to the path to more limited government.  This highlighted part of State Sen. Kenney’s plan shows that when people face hard times, there are usually better solutions to the problem than more government intrusion into their lives.

You can donate to Joe Kenney’s campaign here.

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