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BFF: Charlie Brown and Code Pink

Charlie Brown, State Sen. Tom McClintock’s opponent in California’s 4th District House race, showed up in uniform at an anti-war protest led by the radical Code Pink.  Today, Tom McClintock fires back:

In case you’re unfamiliar with Code Pink, they’re the group of “patriots” who show up at Walter Reed Medical Center to protest the war and ask our woundd veterans if it was worth losing an arm to support the War in Iraq.

Classy bunch, right?  And Charlie Brown is even classier for standing beside them.

You can donate to Tom McClintock’s campaign here.


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Using Murtha’s own words against him

Captain Ed Morrissey picked up on Bill Russell’s new ad against corruptocrat Rep. John Murtha this morning.  Here it is:

This ad, while a bit long, would be effective if it get smuch airtime in Murtha’s district.  As Ed says:

The most effective ads use the opponent’s own words against him, and Murtha supplied many examples for Russell to use. This ad reminds people of Murtha’s rush to pillory Marines in combat in order to support his own political angle, and how Murtha has remained strangely silent when his allegations were exposed as smears.

Rep. Murtha shares Sen. Obama’s hubris and overconfidence, which could lead to both their defeats this fall.

You can help out Bill Russell’s campaign by donating here.

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Nick Lampson says those aren’t the droids you’re looking for

As we have seen before, Congressional Democrats want to talk about anything besides how successful our American troops have been in implementing the surge strategy laid out by Gen. David Petraeus.  Democratic Rep. Nick Lampson of Texas’ 22nd District is no different (emphasis mine):

Much has been said of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, with al-Qaida and Taliban possibly coming back into power. Lampson said the U.S. needs to “shore up” its efforts to prevent a downfall.

The country needs to scale down combat efforts in Iraq and use a combination of ramped-up intelligence resources and targeted use of Special Forces troops to aid the government.

Whether the surge helped or not, forget all that. We’re caught up in combat activity, where we really need a police kind of action. I think we’re not accomplishing a great deal when we’re perceived as occupiers.”

Those are some pretty strong words for a, ahem, “moderate” Democrat.  In one paragraph, Lampson manages to dismiss the great achievements of our men and women in uniform and prove himself to be intellectually dishonest.  Nick Lampson, like Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, and others, have only one principle: protect the party.  If that means throwing our troops under the bus, so be it.

The people of Texas’ 22nd Congressional District deserve a Congressman who respects those who have sacrificed so much to secure the freedom of both Iraqis and their fellow Americans.  Pete Olson knows the risks our military takes and would never try to discount their service for cheap political points.

You can donate to Pete Olson’s campaign here.

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Heroic Service is not Barrell-scraping

There’s been a lot of talk on The New Republic‘s attempted hit piece on LTC Allen West, who is running in Florida’s 22nd District.   (You may remember The New Republic as the amateur rag that has a pretty consistent problem with reporters and contributers making up stories out of thin air.)  The latest defense of LTC West in response to the piece comes from a columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

What’s interesting now is that The New Republic, one of the biggest Hindenburgs of left-leaning gasbaggery, seems to think West is a figure of absurdity, a ridiculously unsuitable candidate, embodying all that was wrong with the Iraq war.

Truly? The man used what force he had to in order to get the bad guys, and he managed to do it cleverly enough that the detainee did not have “to be repaired.” This evidently thwarted an attack on Americans and, presumably, further attacks on Iraqis. As we now know, both from the failure of the Bush administration’s initial low-force policy in Iraq and through the ensuing success of the surge, a willingness to use force on the enemy actually wins over the majority of Iraq that wasn’t on board with the jihadists and Baathists to begin with.

West’s problem was that he used force in a way that the Army’s rules banned, which means the Army had to boot him out. Those rules do not at all bind voters in Florida from seeing West’s sacrifice of his career — the Times piece from 2004 suggests he knew that it was on the line from the start — as anything but the honorable placement of duty above self.

In short, just what you want out of a soldier — or a lawmaker.

I find it troubling that some think LTC Allen West’s decision to put his country before his career in the military is somehow a disqualification for office.  But, given the history of The New Republic that I outlined above, it’s not surprising that they neither recognize nor appreciate honor and honesty when they see it.

You can donate to LTC Allen West’s campaign here.

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Gard pounces on Rep. Kagen’s Surge success denial

It looks like John Gard’s campaign took my advice (or, more likely, they have common sense) and are choosing to highlight the Obama-like mental gymnastics that are causing Rep. Kagen to deny the success of our troops in Iraq:

Republican congressional candidate John Gard said Thursday he could not believe his opponent, Rep. Steve Kagen, said a surge of U.S. troops in Iraq alone is not the reason for the quieting of the violence in that country.

Gard, of Suamico, said Kagen’s comment implied U.S. troops were not the reason for reduced violence in the war-torn country.

Gard held a news conference Thursday at VFW Post 7534 in Howard and shared the podium with veterans and Ken Jerabek, the father of Pfc. Ryan Jerabek, the U.S. Marine from Hobart who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

The people of Wisconsin’s 8th District need a representative who doesn’t view American success in Iraq as a negative.  We cannot afford our leaders to be politically invested in defeat.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.

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Kagen: The Surge was not necessary

I certainly hope John Gard’s campaign plan’s to attack Rep. Kagen for these outlandish comments:

After returning from his first visit to Iraq, House Democrat Steve Kagen of Appleton said he does not believe the surge of U.S. forces was a major factor in the decrease in violence there and he has no second thoughts about opposing the policy last year.

“I’m firmly convinced that the surge of American troops was not necessary,” Kagen said on a conference call he held Wednesday to talk about his recent congressional trip to Iraq, Israel and Europe.

“I will continue to support our troops but not our failed policy,” Kagen said. “I believe we must move our troops away from Iraq and back after Osama bin Laden, who’s our real enemy. With regard to the specific date and time, the sooner the better.”

This would, of course, be the same surge that has been so successful that even anti-war Democratic consultant Lanny Davis admits it worked.  This would be the same surge that has seen a reduction in troop deaths from 87 in July 2007 to 12 in July 2008.  The people of Wisconsin’s 8th district need a Congressman who understands that supporting the troops means nothing if you can’t acknowledge the great strides they’ve made.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.


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Father of a Haditha Marine speaks out against Murtha

Rep. John Murtha accused his son of killing Iraqi civilians “in cold blood.” Now Darryll Sharratt has something to say to Rep. Murtha:

I am sure that Lt. Col. Bill Russell is glad to have a man like that backing him.

Be sure to support Russell’s campaign through volunteering or donating!

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