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Georgia matters, and Jack Hoogendyk knows it

Down the Ticket-sponsored Senate candidate Jack Hoogendyk is calling for more Congressional attention to the situation in Georgia and Russia:

The Republican who’s running for the U.S. Senate from Michigan this fall says he supports calls to invite the president of Georgia to address a joint session of Congress as a means to support the beleaguered Caucasus nation.

“I think it would be a great way for us to show support for the country of Georgia,” said state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk of Kalamazoo. Hoogendyk is challenging five-term Democrat Carl Levin in the fall.

Hoogendyk’s statement on Georgia comes as Carl Levin’s preferred presidential nominee Barack Obama blamed the United States and the War in Iraq for the neo-Soviet Russian move against a stalwart ally of the United States and the West.

Jack Hoogendyk knows that, as the left in this country often state, we need to stand up for our allies in Europe.  How telling is it that they are so lax in standing up for a pro-American European ally?

You can donate to Jack Hoogendyk’s campaign here.


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