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Brian Moran stands up for higher gas prices…

…by standing against all offshore drilling in Virginia.

In the race to become the next governor, Brian Moran, a Democrat, broke ranks Tuesday with other candidates by vowing to fight all efforts to allow oil and natural gas drilling off the Virginia coast.


The two other Democratic contenders, state Sen. Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe, have more nuanced positions than Moran, a former Northern Virginia state legislator.

Naturally the only candidate for Virginia governor standing up for American families hurting from high gas prices is Bob McDonnell.

You can donate to his campaign here.


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Stop Nick’s Tricks, Send Pete Olson to Congress!

The people at Pete Olson’s campaign have created a great site tracking the positions on Nick Lampson’s campaign page and comparing it to his record in Congress.  What they’ve found is that when Lampson say he support’s something, it’s a highly nuanced claim indeed.

For example, while he told a constituent this summer that he had consistently voted for opening ANWR and the outer continental shelf for drilling, his record shows that he voted against both of these issues eleven times.

The site even has audio of Rep. Lampson ranting against oil companies.

So, if you’re in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District, or know someone who is, make sure they explore this site.  Lampson’s constituents deserve to know Lampson’s actual record in Congress, instead of the pretend record he posts on his website.

Better yet, they deserve a Congressman who stays true to his word.  Help give them one by donating to Pete Olson’s campaign.

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Jason Chaffetz and Sarah Palin on ANWR

This summer, before the world met Sarah Palin, Jason Chaffetz met her to talk about energy independence and ANWR.  Here is a video of the trip.

You can donate to Jason Chaffetz’ campaign here.

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American Energy Security is a National Priority (by Pete Olson)

Pete Olson’s campaign manager passed along this post by his candidate and asked that I share it:

American Energy Security is a National Priority (Texas GOP Candidate Pete Olson)

August 26th, 2008

Another election year conversion from Nick Lampson – this time, he’s changing his tune on energy. True to form, Lampson is running from his 10-year record of voting against American energy independence when the heat is on. Lampson voted against drilling in ANWR five times – two of which included using revenues to support alternative energy research. He opposed funds for clean coal research and then sought to divert that money to the National Endowment for the Arts. He even voted against allowing new American refineries to be built in June of this year.

Nick Lampson helped create America’s energy problems. Now, he’s touting a bill that is a compilation of all of the things he’s opposed for so long – domestic drilling, new refineries, alternative energy technology and the rest. It’s the same tactic he’s taken in the past, and it’s all about politics – not about solving our energy problems. Once this election passes, so will Nick’s new-found love for American energy independence – mainly because he’ll be back at his home in Beaumont.

American energy security is a national priority – not another election year political maneuver. We need a balanced approach that includes expanding offshore drilling and domestic oil and gas production, new nuclear plants, clean coal technology, as well as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and other alternative energy sources that will make us energy independent in the future.

Pete Olson couldn’t be more right.  It makes no sense to send $700 million a year–mostly to people who hate us–when we have plenty of homegrown oil right here in the United States.

Also, if Democrats like Nick Lampson cared about the environment they’d want oil to be drilled here in America under our environmental regulations, instead of in unstable, unregulated nations like Nigeria.  Also, if Democrats cared about union workers, they’d put drilling on the fast track.  Imagine how many union jobs drilling would create.

But environmental Marxism trumps all, I suppose.

You can donate to Pete Olson’s campaign here.

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Chris Hackett releases first TV ads

An article on the ads can be found here.  The ads focus not only on Chris Hackett’s background, but his positions on energy and earmarks as well.  Here they are.

The first one is called “New Direction”:

The second is called “Plan”:

Good job, Chris!  You can donate to Chris Hackett’s campaign here.

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Even with jetlag that makes no sense…

John Gard released his first campaign ad today, which focuses on Rep. Steve Kagen’s votes against oil independence:

Republican John Gard released on Monday his first television ad of the campaign for Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district and it’s all about gas. In the ad, Gard takes voters on a “trip” from Northeast Wisconsin to Saudi Arabia to Venezuela, comparing the cost of gas in the district with the low prices in those oil-producing countries.

The problem, he says, starts in Congress, where his Democratic opponent Rep. Steve Kagen has voted numerous times against expanding the nation’s off-shore drilling areas.

“Even with jet lag, Congress not letting us drill makes no sense to me,” he says.

Sounds good!  Here is the ad:

I like that he brought up Cuba’s offshore oil drilling, because I don’t think that many people across the nation know that.  It will lead many to question whether they want the drilling that will be taking place off our shores to be done by Cuba or by American companies who will be bound by environmental regulations.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.

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McClintock radio ads begin

The race for California’s 4th District is starting to heat up as State Sen. Tom McClintock rolls out his first radio ads.  Here is the text, in case you’re not in the area:

“Liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Brown want to continue supporting federal laws that prevents us from tapping America’s vast oil resources. That’s how we got into this mess —and why gasoline prices are now breaking our family budgets,” McClintock says at the beginning of the one-minute spot.

“America has nearly a trillion barrels of recoverable oil—more than three times that of Saudi Arabia—that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Brown won’t even let us touch. In fact, more than 94 percent of our territory remains off-limits because of this foolish prohibition. If we want to change this policy, we’ve got to change this Congress,” McClintock says.

It’s a good start in what is shaping up to be a rough year for Congressional Republicans, even in a district that went 61% for President Bush in the 2004 presidential election.

You can donate to Tom McClintock’s campaign here.

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