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Dino Rossi gets personal

Washington gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi was recently interviewed by Red County on how his personal live and upbringing have shaped his principles.  Here’s a sampling (emphasis in the original):

RC: How has your father’s background as a teacher shaped your views about education.

Dino: As I mentioned, I grew up in an education family and I wanted to be a teacher myself because of my father, John Rossi. He taught at Viewlands Elementary in Mountlake Terrace, and raised us seven children on a school teacher’s salary. I meet people on the campaign trail all the time who tell me they were in his class, and tell me a story about how he had helped them. He could have done anything he wanted with his life, but he loved to teach and he thought he could make a difference. I remember influential teachers in my life, and I know that most people can think of teachers who made an imprint on their educational background. This is why I believe that we should be able to award exceptional teachers who are successful when it comes to teaching our children. We need to keep those teachers in the classroom.  This fits in with my one simple test when it comes to education: what’s in the best interest of our students?

Gov. Christine Gregoire is the type of politician who is always looking out for the educational needs of Washington’s children the needs of the teachers unions.  Dino Rossi, however, will promote policies that favor students, not the NEA.

Make sure to follow the link to the whole interview.  There’s a lot of interesting non-political ground covered, too.

You can donate to Dino Rossi’s campaign here.


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