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Bob McDonnell on Gangs and Immigration

Virginia Attorney General and 2009 gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell released a video today highlighting the gang problem in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia:

During the premier of the graphic video, there were times you almost wanted to look away. But that is exactly what McDonnell says too many people have been doing all along. He wants adults to take some responsibility for today’s gang problems. “It’s tough, it’s straight talk, it’s hard hitting,” stated McDonnell.


In the 25 minute video, “The Wrong Family”, real life gang members talk about recruiting young kids to their crew. Doctors talk about seeing the same gang members time and again with gunshot or machete wounds and law enforcement officials talk about the how the problem is growing.

While the video doesn’t pull any punches, anti-gang advocates say it is necessary.

Unchecked illegal immigration has helped with this increase, as Northern Virginia increasingly becomes a haven for members of the violent MS-13 gang.  But Attorney General McConnell has also started programs to prosecute illigal immigrants on a different front, as well:

Violent sex offenders who are also illegal aliens in Virginia were identified, located, and deported thanks to a well-coordinated joint operation earlier this year involving both state and federal officials.


“Operation Cold Play” made it possible for the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to place 171 convicted criminal alien sex offenders into deportation proceedings thanks in large part to local and state involvement in the investigation, McDonnell explained in an email.

Make sure to read up on both articles.  Along with the transportation, illegal immigration and related gang activity will be big issues for Virginians in the upcoming year.  This is our chance to start turning Virginia red again.  Let’s hope that Virginians elect a Republican next year, rather than a Democrat just pretending to be a Republican on the campaign trail.

You can donate to Bob McDonnell’s campaign here.


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