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What’s so scary about the cornerstone of democracy?

Big Labor’s top goal is passing legislation called “card check.”  This would take the right to a secret ballot away from workers as they vote on whether or not to unionize.  In the state of California, they are seeking to take this right away from farm workers.  Luckily, workers have people like Tom McClintock there to fight for them:

“What is it about the right of a secret ballot that bothers you?” Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks, asked his Democratic colleagues during the debate. “An election in which someone is looking over your shoulder as you cast your vote is no election at all it’s a sham.”

While I was interning in DC, the organization I worked for pressed hard against this legislation in the House of Representatives, where it appeared under the Orwellian name of “The Employee Free Choice Act.”  It was stopped there, but in 2008 we elect new representatives and a new president.  Make no mistake, with a Democratic Congress and a President Obama, this legislation will pass.

Representatives like Tom McClintock will help serve as a firewall against draconian Big Labor legislation.  You can donate to Tom McClintock’s campaign here.


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Sean Parnell on Card Check

The top legislative priority of Big Labor right now is called “card check.”  This measure would eliminate the private ballot in union organization votes.  In March 2007, card check came to the floor of the U.S. House, and Rep. Don Young was one of only 13 GOP Congressmen who sought to eliminate the cornerstone of all democratic elections.

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, who is challenging Rep. Young in the GOP primary, is against card check.  In an op-ed in today’s Anchorage Daily News, Sean Parnell defends his position:

Our freedom in elections is protected by the anonymity of citizens casting a ballot in private. Ballot box privacy is sacred and essential to democracy and human dignity. Tyranny would prevail if we went to our local polling station and the kingpins in the neighborhood stood around, handed you the ballot, and asked you to cast it in front of them. Coercion and undue pressure would be overt and commonplace.


I will always stand up for workers, whether they choose to join a union or to work in a non-union workplace. I will stand up for each worker’s right to privacy in choosing whether to join a union.

Card check legislation is not about whether one supports unions or non-union workplaces. It’s about supporting freedom for Alaskans.

There is no reason for any labor organization to support this legislation unless they think it would intimidate workers into unionizing.  It is shameful that Rep. Young would support killing one of the hallmarks of democratic society.

You can donate to Sean Parnell’s campaign here.

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