Even Tim “The Eyebrow” Kaine thinks Bob McDonnell will win

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine recently stopped talking about how awesome he is long enough to comment on the 2009 gubernatorial election in Virginia.  Here’s what he had to say:

Kaine said he regards Attorney General Bob McDonnell, the likely GOP nominee, as the favorite because of the state’s “32-year curse.” Kaine was referring to the pattern in which Virginians have followed each presidential election since 1976 by electing a governor of the opposing party.

“I used to think that was a coincidence,” he said, but he now thinks it reflects “buyer’s remorse.” Presidents usually lose seats in the midterm elections, he noted.

Or, perhaps McDonnell will win because he’s right on the issues.  Or because the Democrats seem poised to elect a Clinton hack with no elective experience in Virginia or elsewhere as their candidate.

Whatever the case, I’m glad to know that this back-bencher can see the light.

You can donate to Bob McDonnell’s campaign here.


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