Chaffetz to appear on Colbert

Rep-elect Jason Chaffetz will be appearing on an episode of “The Colbert Report” set to air after the new year.  Chaffetz talked about his experience to the Salt Lake City Tribune:

Chaffetz spent three hours Tuesday in New York taping a segment for television satirist Stephen Colbert that will air sometime after the new year. Colbert’s folks denied a reporter’s request to view the taping, but Chaffetz said it was fun and that Colbert, a faux conservative pundit, is an “exceptionally nice guy.”

“He’s so fun,” Chaffetz said en route back to Washington, noting that he thought his appearance went well. But, “Who knows what they’re going to slice and dice that to look like.”

Even though he’s a liberal, I do like Stephen Colbert.  I’ve heard from a few people that he’s a very nice guy in person and he made me laugh pretty consistantly in “Strangers with Candy.”  I can’t wait to see this episode. 

Rep-elect Chaffetz isn’t giving anything away, except for one word: legwrestling.


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