Wait a minute…who’s a racist?

Well, according to Rep. John Murtha, his own constituents are.  Just listen to ABSCAM John:

The 17-term Democratic congressman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a story posted Wednesday on its Web site: “There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area.”


Murtha, who backed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the state’s April primary, told the Post-Gazette that the older population has been “more hesitant” to support Obama. But in the past three months, he said groups he deals with regularly, such as veterans and senior citizens, have decided to back Obama.

Wow.   Perhaps Obama’s comments in San Francisco about “bitter” Pennsylvania voters was part of a larger campaign strategy.  Who knows?  As Jack M. at Ace of Spades notes, “veterans and senior citizens” are two groups that Murtha belongs to.  Maybe he’s projecting.

Murtha’s challenger, LTC Bill Russell, issued the following statement on his website:

“Once again Mr. Murtha is using the prestige and platform of public office to make wild, reckless statements about the people he represents in Congress.”  Adding, “Because the people of Western Pennsylvania aren’t wholeheartedly embracing Barack Obama’s values and positions on issues like the right-to-life, taxes and the 2nd Amendment doesn’t makes us racist.  That’s the cheapest of cheap shots.”

Russell said Murtha’s latest comments reveal a “strange, arrogant disconnect from the people who live and work in Western Pennsylvania.  He forgets that this is a melting pot of hard-scrapping immigrants. My wife Kasia is a Polish immigrant, my neighbors in Johnstown trace their ancestry to all corners of the earth.  He needs to apologize.  He needs to set the record straight.”

He’s also released a 30 second TV ad.

Keep hitting him, LTC Russell!

You can donate to Bill Russell’s campaign here.



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2 responses to “Wait a minute…who’s a racist?

  1. Dave Peters

    I spent 2 years in Meadville, PA, and the locals were without question among the most racist I’ve encountered in 50 states and over 20 countries. Murtha knows what he’s talking about, and the flack has been limited because his constituents know he knows them.

  2. The only reason Murtha said they are racist is because they haven’t warmed to a Marxist candidate who called them bitter, gun-and-Bible humping, racist, anti-trade Neanderthals when he thought he wasn’t being recorded in the safety of a fundraiser for San Francisco billionaires.

    That is not racist.

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