Stop Nick’s Tricks, Send Pete Olson to Congress!

The people at Pete Olson’s campaign have created a great site tracking the positions on Nick Lampson’s campaign page and comparing it to his record in Congress.  What they’ve found is that when Lampson say he support’s something, it’s a highly nuanced claim indeed.

For example, while he told a constituent this summer that he had consistently voted for opening ANWR and the outer continental shelf for drilling, his record shows that he voted against both of these issues eleven times.

The site even has audio of Rep. Lampson ranting against oil companies.

So, if you’re in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District, or know someone who is, make sure they explore this site.  Lampson’s constituents deserve to know Lampson’s actual record in Congress, instead of the pretend record he posts on his website.

Better yet, they deserve a Congressman who stays true to his word.  Help give them one by donating to Pete Olson’s campaign.


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