Jason Chaffetz and Sarah Palin on ANWR

This summer, before the world met Sarah Palin, Jason Chaffetz met her to talk about energy independence and ANWR.  Here is a video of the trip.

You can donate to Jason Chaffetz’ campaign here.


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One response to “Jason Chaffetz and Sarah Palin on ANWR

  1. Thank you for posting this!

    I found your blog a few days ago, I think maybe from following a link at a blog that had a recap of the Republican National Convention last week (now, the week before last… Yikes – I really need to get that material published!)

    At one of the College Republicans events, during that Convention, I brought up the issue of Utah politics (never been to that state, but like yourself, I do follow, at least somewhat, the political happenings in other areas… Actually, one of our former UIS CRs was in that state, for that ballot petitioning paid opportunity last year – I remember that Chris Arndt also blogged about that). In that discussion at the Convention, I recalled the news, about a Utah congressman being defeated in the primary – The person I was speaking with noted that that was Chris Cannon; he was not happy with that outcome, as he liked Congressman Cannon.

    I should have mentioned that Congressman Cannon, while he may have been good on many issues, was bad on immigration… It was heartening (though surprising) to see that news, a little after the fact (I had missed it, when it occurred, but saw it on the VDare blog). In looking at Marcus Epstein’s recent article following the Convention, I saw that he had mentioned that Chaffetz defeat of Cannon as the “greatest electoral victory in years” for the “patriotic immigration reform movement.”

    Looking at the Wikipedia article on Jason Chaffetz – the pertinent section on his 2008 run for the U.S. House – I can see why this primary election outcome was so significant. (From how insightfully it is worded, I fear it may be edited soon…)

    In May 2008, Chaffetz almost won the Republican nomination, competing against Cannon at the Republican State Convention. Chaffetz won 59 percent of the delegates; if he had won 60 percent or more, there would have been no primary election.

    In the primary on June 24, 2008, Chaffetz defeated Cannon by a vote of 60% to 40%. He faced a six term incumbent who was endorsed by a sitting President of the United States, as well as two U.S. Senators, Senator Orrin Hatch, and Senator Bob Bennett, both from Utah. His opponent outspent him by 6 to 1, had a paid staff, as well as the endorsement of all three of the local newspapers. Jason Chaffetz had no significant endorsements from politicians, he refused to buy meals and trinkets for his supporters, had an unpaid staff and a grass roots organization of over one thousand volunteers working for him without any remuneration. He received the bulk of his campaign contributions from individual donors and his campaign was 100% debt-free. Utah’s 3rd district is so heavily Republican that Chaffetz is overwhelmingly favored in November.

    This is an amazing, and very thrilling, turn of events… Also see this dialogue, from our state.

    Thanks, once again, for covering the [future] Congressman Jason Chaffetz. But I was not aware, however, of any meet-ups between the incoming Congressman and the incoming [?] Vice-President. Perhaps this could give us a clue on where she stands, on the issue of illegal immigration – I certainly hope her position on this issue (as well as other matters, like foreign policy) is different from that of our presidential nominee!

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