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Head here to see Michelle Malkin’s write-up of the roll call vote for the Wall Street Bailout plan.

I admire all the Representatives (yes, even the Democratic ones) who voted against this bill.  We can all be proud of the Republicans who stuck to the principles of fiscal conservatives who stood up for the free market, when many in the conservative commentariat (I’m looking at you, National Review Online), didn’t.

Hopefully, all the Republican challengers this cycle will look for their opponents on this list and follow John Gard’s lead.


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RNC Chairman Mike Duncan campaigns for Jason Chaffetz

Here are the details, fresh from my inbox:

When: Wednesday, October 1

Time: 11:00 am

Where: RNC Victory Office, 746 East 820 North, Provo

Here is a map of the location you can use for directions.   Make sure to get there early and bring your checkbook!

If you can’t make it, be sure to donate to Jason Chaffetz’ campaign here.

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John Gard fights the bailout

According to RedState, John Gard is the first Congressional candidate to use the Wall Street bailout in an ad against an incumbent.

I agree with him.  This bailout is horrendous.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.

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Jeff Beatty statement on the FBI probe of Wall Street firms

Fresh from my inbox:

“There isn’t a player in this whole debacle that John Kerry isn’t in bed with: He took $111,000 in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEOs and lobbyists, then lobbied aggressively on their behalf to prevent the tighter government controls that would have prevented this crisis. He holds $2 million in AIG stock, and lobbied on its behalf to ensure that $150 million federal Big Dig money kept flowing AIG’s way. And one of his top presidential campaign advisors was his close personal friend Jim Johnson – the former Fannie Mae CEO who walked away with millions as the mortgage industry descended into chaos.You can donate to Jeff Beatty’s campaign here.

John Kerry needs to clean his hands of this money and show he is accountable to the voters for the role he has played in this economic crisis. I demand he give the campaign contributions and stock from these companies under investigation to a fund to help home owners in mortgage trouble. Taxpayers must be the only beneficiaries of the bailout, not a billionaire like Kerry and the bad friends he’s made through 24 years in the senate. The people of Massachusetts have every right to replace him with a senator who will serve their interests, not the special interests.”

You can donate to Jeff Beattys campaign here.

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NRA Endorses Lou Barletta

Two other gun rights groups endorsed him as well.

You can donate to Lou Barletta’s campaign here.

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Sean Parnell concedes AK House Primary

Rather than go through a recount process, Sean Parnell has conceded the primary election to Rep. Don Young (links in the original):

“If I thought there was anything wrong, inappropriate or unprofessional about the way this election tally was conducted, I would not only call for a recount, I would demand one,” Parnell said. “But that is not the case here.”

Events in the presidential contest may have diminished his incentive to keep fighting for the House seat. With Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin now the GOP‘s vice presidential nominee, Parnell is in position to become governor if the Republican ticket prevails. In a statement, Parnell noted that his current “responsibilities are heightened even more with the exciting possibility” that Palin could become vice president.

I’ll have to admit that since the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, I have thought that it was less likely that Sean Parnell would ask for a recount.  If Palin ascends to the Vice Presidency, Alaska will need to keep at least one reform-minded leader behind.  And, while this makes it more likely that Democrat Ethan Berkowitz will win in November, he is pro-drilling in ANWR and has to be more ethical than Don Young.

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BFF: Charlie Brown and Code Pink

Charlie Brown, State Sen. Tom McClintock’s opponent in California’s 4th District House race, showed up in uniform at an anti-war protest led by the radical Code Pink.  Today, Tom McClintock fires back:

In case you’re unfamiliar with Code Pink, they’re the group of “patriots” who show up at Walter Reed Medical Center to protest the war and ask our woundd veterans if it was worth losing an arm to support the War in Iraq.

Classy bunch, right?  And Charlie Brown is even classier for standing beside them.

You can donate to Tom McClintock’s campaign here.

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