American Energy Security is a National Priority (by Pete Olson)

Pete Olson’s campaign manager passed along this post by his candidate and asked that I share it:

American Energy Security is a National Priority (Texas GOP Candidate Pete Olson)

August 26th, 2008

Another election year conversion from Nick Lampson – this time, he’s changing his tune on energy. True to form, Lampson is running from his 10-year record of voting against American energy independence when the heat is on. Lampson voted against drilling in ANWR five times – two of which included using revenues to support alternative energy research. He opposed funds for clean coal research and then sought to divert that money to the National Endowment for the Arts. He even voted against allowing new American refineries to be built in June of this year.

Nick Lampson helped create America’s energy problems. Now, he’s touting a bill that is a compilation of all of the things he’s opposed for so long – domestic drilling, new refineries, alternative energy technology and the rest. It’s the same tactic he’s taken in the past, and it’s all about politics – not about solving our energy problems. Once this election passes, so will Nick’s new-found love for American energy independence – mainly because he’ll be back at his home in Beaumont.

American energy security is a national priority – not another election year political maneuver. We need a balanced approach that includes expanding offshore drilling and domestic oil and gas production, new nuclear plants, clean coal technology, as well as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and other alternative energy sources that will make us energy independent in the future.

Pete Olson couldn’t be more right.  It makes no sense to send $700 million a year–mostly to people who hate us–when we have plenty of homegrown oil right here in the United States.

Also, if Democrats like Nick Lampson cared about the environment they’d want oil to be drilled here in America under our environmental regulations, instead of in unstable, unregulated nations like Nigeria.  Also, if Democrats cared about union workers, they’d put drilling on the fast track.  Imagine how many union jobs drilling would create.

But environmental Marxism trumps all, I suppose.

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