SUVs for me, but not for thee

As Americans all across Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States struggle with the high cost of fuel, Rep. Paul Kanjorski is riding high–literally–in an SUV furnished by you, the taxpayer:

In his first attack television commercial, Republican congressional candidate Lou Barletta slams U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski for funneling $10 million to a now-bankrupt technology company owned and operated by his nephews and daughter.

The commercial, which began airing Wednesday, also accuses Kanjorski of “spending thousands of your tax dollars” driving luxury sport utility vehicles. The amount was almost $100,000, the Barletta campaign said.


“For the community, it is free money,” Kanjorski told CBS News. “It is the taxpayers of the United States’ money, but it doesn’t cause any difficulty to the community to take the money.”

In the commercial Kanjorski says, “In the Congress we have our own rules.”

Yeah, they have their own rules, so lighten up!  Rep. Paul Kanjorski understands that there’s no need to show concern for the little people in his district.  So let him drive his taxpayer-funded gas guzzling SUVs while he tells Pennsylvanians to inflate their tires and conserve energy as a way to get through the crisis.  He’s a Congressman!  He’s entitled.

The people of his district deserve a Congressman like Lou Barletta.  Someone who is running to represent Pennsylvanians, not to get some free perks.  You can donate to Lou Barletta’s campaign here.


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