Noted cult (of personality) leader Ron Paul weighs in…

In Alaska’s GOP House primary, Ron Paul has chosen to put friendship and incumbency ahead of his libertarian principles and endorse kleptocrat Rep. Don Young:

Paul, the 72-year-old congressman from Texas whose maverick presidential bid drew wide support in Alaska, sent out a letter to his supporters here urging them to vote for Young.

“Don and I have served together in Congress for many years, and I consider him a friend,” Paul wrote in the letter. “Don has been an outspoken voice against environmental extremists over the years and has strongly opposed the types of federal regulatory overreach advocated in the name of environmentalism.”

Don Young is rEVOLutionary?  Who knew?

In issuing this endorsement, Rep. Paul bypassed both small government conservative Sean Parnell and libertarian Republican state representative Gabrielle LeDoux.  But I can’t say that his refusal to endorse my candidate, Sean Parnell, bothers me, as I would be more likely to vote for the GOP candidate Ron Paul didn’t endorse.

You can donate to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell’s campaign here.


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