What’s so scary about the cornerstone of democracy?

Big Labor’s top goal is passing legislation called “card check.”  This would take the right to a secret ballot away from workers as they vote on whether or not to unionize.  In the state of California, they are seeking to take this right away from farm workers.  Luckily, workers have people like Tom McClintock there to fight for them:

“What is it about the right of a secret ballot that bothers you?” Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks, asked his Democratic colleagues during the debate. “An election in which someone is looking over your shoulder as you cast your vote is no election at all it’s a sham.”

While I was interning in DC, the organization I worked for pressed hard against this legislation in the House of Representatives, where it appeared under the Orwellian name of “The Employee Free Choice Act.”  It was stopped there, but in 2008 we elect new representatives and a new president.  Make no mistake, with a Democratic Congress and a President Obama, this legislation will pass.

Representatives like Tom McClintock will help serve as a firewall against draconian Big Labor legislation.  You can donate to Tom McClintock’s campaign here.


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  1. Jim

    What a great post. I’m glad people are noticing all the good work Tom McClintock is doing for California. I completely agree, why should anyone care if they cast their votes from home? Tom McClintock is standing up for the rights of farmworkers, and will hopefully continue to do so when he is elected to Congress in November.

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