A pro-choice veep would sink McCain

There have been rumors floating around that Sen. John McCain is flirting with the idea of a pro-choice vice president such as Sen. Joe Lieberman, Tom Ridge, or perhaps even Rudy Giuliani.  As Michigan GOP Senatorial candidate Jack Hoogendyk points out, this would be a disaster:

While the War in Iraq and the economy are at the forefront, Senator John McCain’s announcement that he would consider a pro-choice running mate is making noise in local political circles. Kalamazoo Representative Jack Hoogendyk says there is a small pocket of voters who, regardless of the economy, will put social issues like abortion at the top of their list when choosing a presidential candidate. Hoogendyk believes a pro-life VP could move McCain past Barack Obama in November.

Exactly.  The GOP base is already wary of a John McCain presidency, and this would only compound their fears.  Picking a pro-choice running mate may bring in the independents, but it would cause the base (who are far more willing to donate and volunteer) to sit this one out, and wait for a new Reagan to run against a very Jimmy Carter-like Barack Obama in 2012.

Jack Hoogendyk knows this, and hopefully McCain does, too.

You can donate to Jack Hoogendyk’s campaign here.


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