Even with jetlag that makes no sense…

John Gard released his first campaign ad today, which focuses on Rep. Steve Kagen’s votes against oil independence:

Republican John Gard released on Monday his first television ad of the campaign for Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district and it’s all about gas. In the ad, Gard takes voters on a “trip” from Northeast Wisconsin to Saudi Arabia to Venezuela, comparing the cost of gas in the district with the low prices in those oil-producing countries.

The problem, he says, starts in Congress, where his Democratic opponent Rep. Steve Kagen has voted numerous times against expanding the nation’s off-shore drilling areas.

“Even with jet lag, Congress not letting us drill makes no sense to me,” he says.

Sounds good!  Here is the ad:

I like that he brought up Cuba’s offshore oil drilling, because I don’t think that many people across the nation know that.  It will lead many to question whether they want the drilling that will be taking place off our shores to be done by Cuba or by American companies who will be bound by environmental regulations.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.


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One response to “Even with jetlag that makes no sense…

  1. Nice. Thanks for supporting our boy! 😉

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