Carney tries to buy his re-election

It looks like “moderate” Rep. Chris Carney has learned something from his fellow Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. John Murtha:

Carney’s office has touted his ability to bring back money to the 10th Congressional District, announcing more than $15 million in projects secured in the 2007 budget, and several other projects this year.

Hackett’s campaign has been critical of Washington, D.C.’s spending policies, specifically on the earmarking process. Earmarks set aside funds in spending bills for specific uses, such as grants toward a specific school or other program. Earmarks only make up about 2 percent of the federal budget, but have been criticized by tax advocate groups because the programs do not go out to bid.


“There are often many good projects that are funded, but the problem is the overall process that leads to corruption,” Hackett said. “It also leads to other bills being passed that otherwise wouldn’t be passed if they didn’t have earmarks attached to them. It’s a way that the leadership buys votes from other members of Congress. It’s why our federal budget keeps rising.”

Chris Hackett knows that bills in Congress need to pass or fail based on inherent value of the legislation, not what money is going to what district via earmarks placed within the bill.

The race to represent Pennsylvania’s 10th District will be close, but trying to buy votes isn’t the way to win.

You can donate to Chris Hackett’s campaign here.



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2 responses to “Carney tries to buy his re-election

  1. alexandriabrown

    Well, this is did used to be McDade’s district, so there’s a long and illustrious history of pork to live up to.

  2. paconservative

    Sherwood tried to tout pork projects to save himself in District 10 after the details of his affair came out. Didn’t work then, and I can’t imagine it’ll work much for Carney either.

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