Nick Lampson says those aren’t the droids you’re looking for

As we have seen before, Congressional Democrats want to talk about anything besides how successful our American troops have been in implementing the surge strategy laid out by Gen. David Petraeus.  Democratic Rep. Nick Lampson of Texas’ 22nd District is no different (emphasis mine):

Much has been said of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, with al-Qaida and Taliban possibly coming back into power. Lampson said the U.S. needs to “shore up” its efforts to prevent a downfall.

The country needs to scale down combat efforts in Iraq and use a combination of ramped-up intelligence resources and targeted use of Special Forces troops to aid the government.

Whether the surge helped or not, forget all that. We’re caught up in combat activity, where we really need a police kind of action. I think we’re not accomplishing a great deal when we’re perceived as occupiers.”

Those are some pretty strong words for a, ahem, “moderate” Democrat.  In one paragraph, Lampson manages to dismiss the great achievements of our men and women in uniform and prove himself to be intellectually dishonest.  Nick Lampson, like Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, and others, have only one principle: protect the party.  If that means throwing our troops under the bus, so be it.

The people of Texas’ 22nd Congressional District deserve a Congressman who respects those who have sacrificed so much to secure the freedom of both Iraqis and their fellow Americans.  Pete Olson knows the risks our military takes and would never try to discount their service for cheap political points.

You can donate to Pete Olson’s campaign here.


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