Submit Gregoire & Rossi Your Questions

Gov. Christine Gregoire and Down the Ticket-sponsored challenger Dino Rossi have agreed to take questions from YouTube users:

Here is a rundown of the challenge from the video’s summary:

Submit your question for Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire in the Washington state gubernatorial race!

Add your question as a video response or text comment below, and we’ll pose the top 5 questions to both Rossi and Gregoire. Make sure your question is short, to the point, and focuses on the issues (both candidates must be able to answer the question). We’ll give preference to video questions.

***DEADLINE is AUGUST 12th***

This is part of our You Choose ’08 Spotlight series:

Between now and the election on November 4th, we’re spotlighting the hottest races in the country – and giving YOU the chance to ask the candidates where they stand on the issue.

I suggest Gov. Gregoire be asked about here quid pro quo with Native American tribes or her conflict of interest with the SEIU.  Remember, the deadline is TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2008.

You can donate to Dino Rossi’s campaign here.


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One response to “Submit Gregoire & Rossi Your Questions

  1. Christine Gregoire represents the corrupt King County Democrats, while Dino Rossi represents the corrupt Republicans, and we all know who the Demopublicans serve – Bill Gates and his corporate cronies.

    Let’s face it; the gubernatorial campaign is a lost cause (again). Don’t let it distract you from other important races…like Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI).

    The media drone on and on about Terry Bergeson and Randy Dorn, who have all the corrupt endorsements and money. In fact, Bergeson and Dorn have been working together for years, and both have many scandals around their necks.

    One candidate for SPI is raising Hell. He has more information on his campaign website (and discusses more issues) than any other candidate in this race. Indeed, he could probably blow any of the gubernatorial candidates out of the water.

    We’ve stood by and watched George W. Bush and the Vichy Democrats flush the economy down the toilet. Can we at least rally behind our schools, behind the children who will inherit our mess?

    Check out David Blomstrom’s campaign website at Don’t let corrupt unions determine the outcome of this race!

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