Ragnar Danneskjold endorses Sean Parnell

A co-blogger at one of my favorite blogs, The Jawa Report, has endorsed Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell in his primary fight against Rep. Don Young (links in the original):

Don Young is one of the worst congressmen in the U.S. House. His massive appetite for earmarks and pork projects, including the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere,” is legendary. He is one of only 13 Republicans to vote in favor of ending secret ballots in union elections. He has spent, to date, $1.2 million responding to ongoing federal corruption investigations related to his VECO and Coconut Road dealings.


Luckily for conservatives (and Republicans), Don Young is being challenged in the primary by Sean Parnell, a young reformer who has been endorsed by National Review, the Club for Growth and Alaska Right-to-Life, among many others.

The choice here, between a pork-o-rama 35-year incumbent under federal investigation and a young conservative reformer, should be pretty easy for anyone who understands that the GOP has serious problems and needs to change its big spending ways and get back to true conservative principles.

This election cycle presents an opportunity for Alaska Republicans to rid themselves of one of their most corrupt politicians. I join Ragnar Danneskjold at the Jawa Report in hoping Alaskans choose ethical governance over incumbency on August 26.

You can donate to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell’s campaign here.


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One response to “Ragnar Danneskjold endorses Sean Parnell

  1. Thanks for the link!

    One minor correction: The Jawa Report is a group blog and reflects a variety of opinions. Although I suspect that most of the Jawa co-bloggers are of a similar mind as regards Don Young and Sean Parnell, the above endorsement of Sean Parnell reflects my opinion only, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Jawa Report as a group.

    My apologies for any confusion.

    Thank you,
    – Ragnar Danneskjold

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