Bill Russell kicks off his campaign

Until August 1, Bill Russell’s military service prevented him from actively campaigning in the 12th District congressional race.  He’s off and running now, though:

The 12th Congressional District Republican candidate, who is attempting to unseat longtime Democratic U.S. Rep. John Murtha, held his first Cambria County campaign event Wednesday.

It was a modest affair on a back porch in Upper Yoder Township. But Russell said he is gaining momentum.

“This campaign has heard from thousands of people over the past few weeks,” he said.

Rep. John Murtha has loaded up this district with earmarked pork projects, leaving many to believe he is unbeatable. However, Bill Russell’s background and experience, combined with Murtha’s slander of the Haditha Marines, may make this race more competitive.

Of course, with your help, you can ensure a GOP win in Pennsylvania’s 12th District. You can donate to Bill Russell’s campaign here.


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