Sen. Landrieu’s Misplaced Priorities

Sen. Mary Landrieu, one of the most endangered Senate Democrats in the 2008 election cycle, is getting a lot of heat for voting down an amendment that would have opened up shale oil drilling in the Western United States.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at her defense of the vote:

Landrieu, who campaigns as a “pro-energy production” advocate, said she was inclined to side with Allard because she also wants oil shale production to be expedited.

Still, “Sen. Salazar asked me to vote no.  I did so at his request,” Landrieu said at the time, vowing to push for a compromise that advances exploration.

That’s Sen. Landrieu for you, standing up for her buddies in the Senate rather than the people of Louisiana who are hurting because of high gas prices.  Luckily for Louisianians, they have a choice: They can re-elect Sen. Landrieu so she can fight for Sen. Ken Salazar’s needs, or they can elect State Treasurer John Kennedy who will fight for them.

You can donate to John Kennedy’s campaign here.


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