Dr. Bob Onder stands firm against illegal immigration

Dr. Bob Onder is a new addition here at Down the Ticket.  The state representative is one of the many Republicans seeking to replace Rep. Kenny Hulshof as the U.S. Representative from Missouri’s 9th District.  One of the things that drew me to his campaign was his strong stance against amnesty for illegal aliens (video at the link):

[Dr. Bob] Onder said on Monday that he defined amnesty as “allowing illegal aliens to participate in federal guest worker programs without first returning their native country.”

“Starting from his own premise that we need illegal immigrants for our workforce, Blaine has proposed a program allowing illegal aliens to obtain work visas with the hopes of eventually joining a guest worker program or becoming U.S. citizens,” said Onder spokesman Jay Barnes. “Turning a blind eye toward lawbreakers and inviting illegal immigrants to take jobs when our economy is struggling is not consistent with the values of the people of the Ninth District.”

Make sure you head to the link to see a very, shall we say, nuanced position on amnesty from one of Dr. Onder’s opponents.  It is important that we have Congressman like Dr. Bob Onder in Congress over the next four years to protect us from more presidential plans (by a President Obama or a President McCain) to grant amnesty.

If you are in Missouri’s 9th District, make sure you vote for Dr. Bob Onder in today’s GOP primary!!

You can also donate to Dr. Bob Onder’s campaign here.


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