Alaska GOP House Primary Debate Wrap-up

There was a debate last night between the three candidates vying to represent the GOP in this year’s Congressional elections.  Down the Ticket-sponosored candidate Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell was a target for both Rep. Don Young and state representative Gabrielle LeDoux.  One of the highlights was Rep. Young attacking Sean Parnell for his fiscal conservatism:

Young went after Parnell for claiming his campaign contributions come from individuals and not special interests. Young said $115,000 — nearly half of Parnell’s campaign money– came as bundled contributions through the Washington D.C. anti-earmark group Club for Growth, The group is also funding its own ads against Young.

“How can you truthfully claim that you’re not taking special interest money?” Young asked him.

Parnell replied those are contributions from individuals who believe in limited government, lower taxes and less government spending. “That’s what I stand for,” Parnell said.

Video at the link.

Rep. Young must be confused about a candidate actually being able to advertise that they’ve had a fiscally conservative group like Club for Growth raise funds for their campaign.  Conservatism and the principles of limited government are a binding philosophy, not a “special interest.”

Remember, in the world of a kleptocrat like Rep. Don Young, your taxpayer dollars are his money.

You can donate to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell’s campaign here.


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