Debate Notice: Pennsylvania’s 11th District

A debate between Rep. Paul Kanjorski and Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta has been set.  However, Lou Barletta is calling for more:

Barletta’s proposal called for six debates lasting 30 to 45 minutes on WILK Radio during the summer, focusing on single issues, and five others that would take place in the fall, one in each county of the district.

“Mr. Kanjorski has not agreed to any,” Barletta campaign manager Vince Galko said. “However, he does have time to leave Washington for recess without passing any meaningful legislation that will provide relief to citizens at the gas pump.”

There seems to be a pattern in many of the races covered here at Down the Ticket.  Republicans want to debate the issue, while the Democratic incumbents are too scared. 

The scheduled debate will be taking place at 8pm on WVIA-TV on October 29, 2008.  You can donate to Mayor Lou Barletta’s campaign here


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One response to “Debate Notice: Pennsylvania’s 11th District

  1. pennsylvaniaconservative

    October 29th? Oh well, WVIA is our station too, so I’ll be watching. Hopefully Barletta can get a few more debates in before then. I’m not optimistic, but if not, it’ll be something to go after Kanjorski with.

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