Can LTC West’s military fearlessness carry him over the edge?

Fighting an incumbent politician is hard, but Vince Mariano at The State of Sunshine thinks LTC Allen West’s military background and fighting spirit could lead him to victory in November (links from the original):

Surely due in no small part to his military background, LTC West is a fearless individual blessed with outstanding oratorical skills. I was on hand to witness his brief remarks at a recent Palm Beach County Republican event, and it was clear that his motivational style of oratory and energetic persona easily garnered the most enthusiasm and applause from the crowd. He brings instant gravitas on foreign affairs and the Global War on Terror based on his 20 plus years of highly decorated and honorable military service. Rest assured, there is no squishiness on his part regarding any of issues pertaining to the threat of terrorism and the need to protect the homeland.

Follow the link to LTC Allen West’s response to Sen. Barack Obama’s recent race-baiting tactics in the U.S. presidential election.  If Obama wants to be a post-racial candidate, maybe he should let LTC Allen West give him some pointers.

You can donate to LTC Allen West’s campaign here.


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