Why isn’t Sen. Lautenberg campaigning?

That’s what Rep. Dick Zimmer is asking:

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Dick Zimmer took a page from U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews’ play book in challenging incumbent Frank Lautenberg.

Last week, Zimmer questioned Lautenberg’s lack of campaigning thus far in the race.

Zimmer said he has spoken with thousands of voters across the state about a number of issues.

“Every candidate ought to listen to the people he intends to represent,” said Zimmer. “But when it comes to confronting the important issues facing New Jersey voters, Frank Lautenberg has been missing in action.

When you’re facing an election, you need to fight like you’re 10 points behind, even if you’re in a “safe” Democratic state like New Jersey.  Rep. Dick Zimmer is running his campaign this way, why isn’t Sen. Lautenberg?

You can donate to Rep. Dick Zimmer’s campaign here.


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