Rep. Kagen is scared of town hall debates

If you’re going to represent a group of people, the least you can do is not act terrified by answering the questions they pose. Well, unless you’re Rep. Steve Kagen, I guess:

[John] Gard, who is running against Kagen in a rematch for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District, wants to hold weekly town hall meetings with the Democratic congressman on the high cost of gas. The issue has been at the center of the campaign so far, and both candidates have held events to talk about their proposals to reduce energy costs.

Gard says the United States could start making a dent in the price of oil if Congress allowed oil companies to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in coastal waters.


“When John returns the $50,000 he’s taken from oil and gas special interests,” she said, “I’m sure Congressman Kagen would be happy to hold a town hall with him so Congressman Kagen can discuss how he’s voted to eliminate special tax breaks for oil companies, crack down on oil speculators who drive up prices, and encourage the oil companies to increase production by drilling in the 56 million acres on which they already own leases to drill across America.”

Mark Graul, Gard’s campaign manager, countered that Kagen also has taken money from the oil industry. Kagen received $500 from the Petroleum Marketers Association of America, which represents gas stations, petroleum trucking companies and other businesses, according to his most recent campaign filing.

I guess when all else fails, throw up a straw man like “special interests.” If Rep. Kagen feels that Wisconsinites are so turned off by the First Amendment right to petition, than there couldn’t be a better forum to bring these donations up than a town hall. The truth couldn’t be plainer: Rep. Kagen doesn’t want a town hall debate with John Gard because he knows he’ll lose.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.


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