Will an unpopular governor help Andy Harris?

Andy Harris’ Democratic opponent in Maryland’s 1st District has received the endorsement of Gov. Martin O’Malley.  But will this endorsement help or hurt?

Harris exudes confidence in his contest for an open race in the 1st Congressional District. He’s taking on Democratic Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney Frank Kratovil, but Republicans at the fair say Harris has a big advantage because of Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley.

The governor attended Kratovil’s campaign announcement last year and is a key ally. But O’Malley’s approval ratings have slipped since he steered through $1.4 billion in new taxes that took effect this year. Although Kratovil isn’t disavowing the governor, he’s not exactly posing for pictures with him, either.

“Nobody likes the governor,” said Diane Carabetta of Perryville, a Republican activist who came to the fair to greet Harris, who won knocked off incumbent Rep. Wayne Gilchrest in February in a bruising GOP primary.

You can donate to Andy Harris’ campaign here.


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