Rep. Dick Zimmer slams Lautenberg’s misplaced priorities

The Democrat-led Congress adjourned for summer vacation without doing anything to help families feeling the pinch form high gas prices.  In response, Rep. Dick Zimmer released this statement:

“I find it astounding that Senator Lautenberg has the audacity to take his summer vacation without taking any significant action to address out-of-control gas prices,” Zimmer said.  “The Senate has not passed a single piece of meaningful legislation that would address the energy crisis our nation is facing.”

“New Jersey families are being forced to make sacrifices every day in order to pay for the gas it takes to get to work or take their kids to soccer practice,” said Zimmer.  “It is obvious that Senator Lautenberg is failing to make the interests New Jersey taxpayers his top priority.”

Even residents of a heavily Democratic state like New Jersey can appreciate that leadership is not the same thing as leadership.

You can donate to Rep. Dick Zimmer’s campaign here.


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