Kanjorski’s latest desperate attack on Barletta

This is just getting embarrassing, for all involved.  Paul Kanjorski is criticizing Barletta for a donation he received from a PAC headed by indicted corrupt porkmeister Ted Stevens…in 2002, for Barletta‘s 2002 campaign, years before anyone knew about Stevens’ illegal activities.

Barletta‘s campaign manager Vince Galko notes the obvious folly in Kanjorski’s line of attack,

“If Mr. Kanjorski would like, we could send a release a day on all the questionable contributions he has received during his 24 years in Congress,” Galko said. “This is a country of laws, and any elected official accused of corruption and unethical behavior has the right to due process.”

This is actually part of a series of lame attempts by Democrats in Northeast PA to demagogue Big Oil and big business, then try and tie Lou Barletta and Chris Hackett to them.  From a statement released from Kanjorski,

“This just shows again how Bush Republicans are bankrolling Barletta’s feeble fundraising effort,” Kanjorski said in a prepared release. “By taking and keeping the Stevens money, Barletta basically buys into the GOP culture of corruption that forced them out of the leadership in Congress in 2006 and still persists today. Special interests like Halliburton and oil companies dominate the Bush administration, lobbyists run the McCain campaign and indicted public officials contribute to Barletta.”

I’m glad to see that this is the best they have.  As for “Barletta’s feeble fundraising effort,” I’m guessing that spending about two decades in Congress pretty much unchallenged would allow one to build up enough of a war chest to call any challenger’s fundraising “feeble.” Of course, if I were Kanjorski, I’d try and mock Barletta’s money disadvantage too.  After all, what else does Kanjorski have at this stage?

I’d also take note that Kanjorski is avoiding taking on Barletta’s challenge to a series of debates, but promises he’ll debate Barletta at some point.  Sounds like the stress of campaigning is getting to Kanjorski.  You can help relieve Kanjorski of his stress by helping Lou Barletta win Kanjorski’s seat this November.  You can donate to the Barletta campaign here, and you can go here to find out about volunteering opportunities.


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