Gov. Gregoire’s air of overconfidence

Washington state gubernatorial candidate and State Sen. Dino Rossi made sure to show up at Seattle’s Seafair parade last Sunday.  Who wasn’t there? Why, none other than Gov. Christine Gregoire:

Dino Rossi, Republican candidate for 2008 Washington state governor, was all smiles at the Chinatown Seafair Parade. Notably absent from the event was incumbent Democratic candidate, Gov. Chris Gregoire.


Local businessman Ted Choi carried Rossi signs at the parade. “We just wanted to get our Asian community to understand him,” Choi said. “He had a great time, was very accessible and was well received. There were lots of thumbs up. Dino appreciated all the hard work the Seafair volunteers do for the City of Seattle.”

In contrast to Rossi’s prominent presence at the parade, Gregoire’s absence, in person and in signs, was palpable, leaving some individuals puzzled as to whether she sees the I.D. as a done deal for her campaign or whether she just doesn’t feel the area is important.

Gov. Gregoire shouldn’t assume that she has this election–or the support of any particular group of Washingtonians–all sown up.

Please support Dino Rossi through volunteering or donating.  Better yet, do both!



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