Carney also tries his hand at demagoguing Big Oil in attacks on Chris Hackett

You have to love the framing of the story in this Citizens Voice article,

As Exxon Mobil reported quarterly profits of $11.7 billion, a record for a U.S. company, and Americans continue coping with high prices at the pump, U.S. Rep. Chris Carney’s campaign took aim at his Republican opponent for accepting money from the oil giant and having investments in oil companies.


Carney is of course demagoguing Big Oil, then trying use donations from Exxon-Mobil and other petroleum firms to Hackett as a means to attack him. Kanjorski is trying to pull the same shenanigans with Barletta in the next district.

It isn’t going to work, the public has clearly turned against the Democrats on the oil supply issue and they want more drilling. What else are Carney and Kanjorski going to do but try and turn it around by demagoguing Big Oil? Of course, Carney and Kanjorski could make this a moot issue by ignoring the Democratic Party leadership and agree to start demanding increased fuel supply as the American people are demanding…

Till then, you can help Chris Hackett increase our oil supply by going here to donate.


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