Some new additions

I’d like to once again thank everyone who has submitted candidates for Down the Ticket to support. Some of them have already been written about today, while others are brand new:

  • Lt. Col. Allen West – Florida’s 22nd District (donate here)
  • Dr. Deborah Honeycutt – Georgia’s 13th District (donate here)
  • Rep. Dick Zimmer – New Jersey, U.S. Senate (donate here)
  • State Sen. Dino Rossi – Washington, Governor (donate here)
  • Capt. Duncan D. Hunter – California’s 52nd District (donate here)
  • State Rep. Jack Hoogendyk – Michigan, U.S. Senate (donate here)
  • State Sen. Joe Kenney – New Hampshire, Governor (donate here)
  • Assemblyman John Gard – Wisconsin’s 8th District (donate here)
  • Keith Fimian – Virginia’s 11th District (donate here)
  • Pete Olson – Texas’ 22nd District (donate here)
  • State Treasurer Sarah Steelman – Missouri, Governor (donate here)
  • Dr. Steve Sauerberg – Illinois, U.S. Senate (donate here)
  • Wayne Parker – Alabama’s 5th District (donate here)

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