Lt. Col. Allen West’s statement on Rep. Klein and the ZOA

Lt. Col. Allen West, who is seeking to unseat Rep. Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd District, released the following statement today regarding the Human Events story on Rep. Klein and the Zionist Organization of America:

We believe that Mort Klein was put in an untenable position by Ron Klein or his supporters.  Alan Bergstein was given the choice of resigning from either the ZOA or from his volunteer support for Allen West.  We are not aware of any Ron Klein supporters who received a similar phone call. 

Mr. Bergstein resigned under protest from the ZOA.  To our knowledge, no mention was made of tax status concerns but even if the question had been raised, the remedy was an over-reaction. 

Mr. Bergstein honored the group’s rules when he set up the candidate forum that started this ball rolling.  Allen West appreciated the hospitality extended to him by the local ZOA and also honored their rules in his comments to them. 

This argument is not–and should not be–between Allen West and the ZOA.  It is more properly directed at Ron Klein, without whose inappropriate pressure this would not have occurred.

Donna Brosemer

You can donate to Lt. Col. Allen West here.


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