Kagen: The Surge was not necessary

I certainly hope John Gard’s campaign plan’s to attack Rep. Kagen for these outlandish comments:

After returning from his first visit to Iraq, House Democrat Steve Kagen of Appleton said he does not believe the surge of U.S. forces was a major factor in the decrease in violence there and he has no second thoughts about opposing the policy last year.

“I’m firmly convinced that the surge of American troops was not necessary,” Kagen said on a conference call he held Wednesday to talk about his recent congressional trip to Iraq, Israel and Europe.

“I will continue to support our troops but not our failed policy,” Kagen said. “I believe we must move our troops away from Iraq and back after Osama bin Laden, who’s our real enemy. With regard to the specific date and time, the sooner the better.”

This would, of course, be the same surge that has been so successful that even anti-war Democratic consultant Lanny Davis admits it worked.  This would be the same surge that has seen a reduction in troop deaths from 87 in July 2007 to 12 in July 2008.  The people of Wisconsin’s 8th district need a Congressman who understands that supporting the troops means nothing if you can’t acknowledge the great strides they’ve made.

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