John Gard gets a some pro-life star power

One of the stars of last year’s film Bella, which has a strong pro-life message, has endorsed John Gard, who is seeking to represent Wisconsin’s 8th District:

Republican John Gard is getting a little help for his congressional campaign from an unlikely source: a Mexican movie star. Eduardo Verastegui, who plays a professional soccer player in the movie Bella, plans to visit Gard in De Pere, Wis., today for a free screening of the film.

Verastegui, a devout Catholic who six years ago pledged to only make films that honor God, will address the audience after the movie, which is about a woman struggling with an unexpected pregnancy.

“Eduardo is a rare example of a celebrity using their talents to serve a higher purpose,” Gard, who opposes abortions, said in a statement. “I am proud to host this pro-life leader in our community.”

If only actors who can vote in U.S. elections shared Verastegui’s good sense.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.


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