Hoogendyk Battles Michigan’s One-State Recession

Senatorial candidate Jack Hoogendyk is promoting a bill in the Michigan House of Representatives that would provide Michiganders with much-needed tax relief:

Supporters of a new bill that would offer a tax exemption to businesses that help improve vehicle fuel efficiency say it could attract new entrepreneurs to the state.

The bill, introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives July 23 by Rep. Jack Hoogendyk, R-Texas Township, calls for a five-year exemption from the state’s personal property tax for any Michigan business that creates a device to improve fuel efficiency by at least 30 percent.

“With four dollar-a-gallon gas, anything we can do to … give a car more fuel efficiency is a great idea,” Hoogendyk said. “I’d hate to see someone develop something here in Michigan and take it to another state to manufacture because of the tax.”

Hoogendyk said Michigan’s personal property tax keeps many businesses from pursuing new ventures because they can’t afford to pay taxes on the equipment they would need to purchase. The bill would encourage companies to locate in Michigan to benefit from the tax exemption, he said.

Hoogendyk understand what Sen. Carl Levin never will: innovation comes from the people, not government.  By allowing new businesses to thrive, companies are encouraged to devote more of their capital to the type of research and development that can lead to new advances in energy.

You can donate to Jack Hoogendyk’s campaign here.


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