Hackett calls out Rep. Carney’s on pro-abortion votes

It’s a funny thing how Congressmen will say one thing in front of their constituents, but vote a different way on the House floor.  Chris Hackett isn’t letting Rep. Carney get away with it:

Responding to a question from a retired woman during a town-hall meeting in Williamsport on Tuesday, Carney said “no” he didn’t support taxpayer-funded abortions.

That’s not the case, Hackett spokesman Mark Harris said, based on the Democratic incumbent’s votes in Washington on key issues anti-abortion groups follow.

“Chris Carney has tried to have it both ways and tried to mislead voters on where he stands on abortion,” Harris said.

The two votes Hackett’s staff cited in a news release did not explicitly provide funding for abortions either domestically or internationally. In one vote, Carney joined the majority of his fellow Democrats in June 2007 to vote against extending the “Mexico City policy.”

That policy, which was first started by Republican President Ronald Reagan, refuses any funding to international organizations that provide abortions. Foreign medical clinics, for example, that also provide vaccinations, would be refused funding if abortions were also performed.

In the other vote, taken in July 2007, Carney voted against a proposal that would refuse any federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides pregnancy planning for young women, but also provides abortions.

As evidenced by the election of Sen. Bob Casey in 2006, even many Pennsylvania Democrats are pro-life.  However, it is rare that a Democrat is likely to stand up to Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi to protect their constituents’ deeply help beliefs on any issue, let alone one so important to the national Democratic Party.


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