Dr. Steve Sauerberg: No career politician

Dr. Steve Sauerberg faces an uphill battle in ousting entrenched Sen. Dick Durbin.  I like his take, though:

Sauerberg has been a family physician for about 25 years. Though he has no notable political experience, more “citizen legislators” and non-lawyers in Washington are just what the doctor ordered, Sauerberg said.

“We don’t have enough scientifically oriented people in the U.S. Congress,” Sauerberg told the Sun-Times News Group in a telephone interview. “We don’t have enough doctors. In other countries the makeup of the people who run them is different.”

I couldn’t agree with Dr. Sauerberg more, especially in a week where the Beltway media is focused on Sen. Tom Coburn’s stand against reckless fiscal policies in the U.S. Senate. 

You can contribute to Dr. Sauerberg’s campaign here.


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