Democrats Chris Carney and Paul Kanjorski getting nervous, roll out campaign ads early

Both know they are in danger of losing their seats. Chris Carney is in a conservative district and facing a conservative challenger in Chris Hackett, and Lou Barletta is proving to be an excellent campaigner in a year that Paul Kanjorski has made several embarrassing gaffes. Kanjorski began running ads in June, and Carney began running ads last Friday. NRCC spokesman Ken Spain believes they are the only two Democrats running campaign ads for the general election, excluding Barack Obama. King’s College political science professor David Sosar and Keystone College political science professor Jeff Brauer both see tight races forming in PA Districts 10 and 11.

Says Sosar about the Hackett/ Carney race,

Sosar said he’s not surprised by Carney’s early campaign commercials because the 10th District is Republican-leaning and has been in GOP hands for all but two of the past 48 years.


“If the Republicans really put their minds to it, I don’t care what you’ve done (while in office), they’re going to send you packing and I think he’s worried. He knows it’s a Republican district,” Sosar said.

Got that? Let’s put our minds to it, you can also help Chris Hackett take back PA District 10 here, there’s no reason we can’t take this seat back.

Lou Barletta is also feeling confident,

“I’m the first person in the country that a national political party has gone negative on by running ads in July. That’s unheard of and suggests they feel their candidate is in trouble. They have the same polling numbers that we do and they know the people of the 11th Congressional District want a new congressman,” Barletta said. The mayor said internal campaign polling shows he holds a 5-point lead against Kanjorski.

The one thing going for Kanjorski is his money advantage, he’s served nine terms, and over the years has raised himself a $2.1 million war chest. He currently has a 7-1 money advantage over Barletta. Let’s make sure that money advantage isn’t enough, help Lou Barletta close that gap by donating here. Let’s see if we conservatives can completely take back Northeast PA!


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