Andy Harris sends a message to the Eastern Shore

Andy Harris sponsored fireworks before a minor league baseball game, and had this to say:

“We all realize that we need to change the way Congress does business in Washington,” Harris said in the video.

“Congress can’t seem to get anything done about what really matters to Maryland families. Whether it’s the high price of gas and diesel, the affordability of health care or securing the nation for our children.”

Harris continued: “But while you and I have had to tighten our belts to pay for the high cost of gas and diesel – the government refuses to break its addiction to wasteful spending. Send me to Washington. I’ll help cure that addiction to wasteful spending so that we keep more of our tax dollars with our families.”

Be sure to follow the link for more statements from Andy Harris’ campaign manager.

Maryland’s 1st District covers all of the Eastern Shore, as well as Annapolis and some of Baltimore’s suburbs. This outreach to the Eastern Shore-based Delmarva Shorebirds game was a very smart move on behalf of the Harris campaign. Harris is from the Baltimore suburbs while his Democratic opponent is from the Eastern Shore. Playing up this regional difference is key to the Democratic strategy to flip the district blue in the fall.

Help keep that from happening by donating to Andy Harris’ campaign.



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2 responses to “Andy Harris sends a message to the Eastern Shore

  1. ShoreThings

    Andy Harris hasn’t gotten a single bill passed in the last three years as a sole sponsor in the Maryland State Senate. If he can’t get anything accomplished in the State Senate, he will be completely useless in Congress.

    His legacy is voting against everything possible and calling everybody a liberal.

    Even the Republicans in the State Senate booted him from his Minority Leader position. If his fellow Republican State Senators don’t respect him, why should we give him a promotion.

  2. Sounds good to me! If I could pay Congress to not even show up for session I would. I’m just looking for a candidate who won’t harm an already great republic.

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