Allen West picks up another endorsement, eh!

This one comes from our neighbors to the north:

Lt. Col. Allen West is a great candidate.  He speaks with honesty and clarity as his innate sincerity and devotion to the nation pour through.  He’s that rare form of politician, an honest one.  And that sincerity attracts Republicans and Democrats alike to him, whether or not they share his conservative views.


Aside from being a powerhouse, West is one of those rarest of beings, an honest politician.  This is the reason he is so well liked by Democrats and Republicans alike who hear him speak.  He’s an honest conservative and even those who disagree with him admire his honesty as well as the fact that he sincerely wants to do well for the nation.

His record is one of immense service and dedication and he has widespread support among those who know him best, the troops who served under him.  I would have expected a more fair and accurate piece from someone with the intelligence and acumen of Ms. Fairbanks and hope that she will be more even handed in the future.

Mr. Postelnik is right.  Lt. Col. West’s honesty and likability are two very rare qualities in a candidate.  Thanks to Canada Free Press and Yomin Postelnik for such a glowing defense of Lt. Col. West.

You can donate to Lt. Col. Allen West’s campaign here.


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