A good sign for the Fimian campaign

Keith Fimian, who is seeking to represent Virginia’s 11th District, has more cash on hand than all but four candidates who are vying for open House seats in the fall:

5. Keith Fimian, Republican, Virginia’s 11th ($1 million). Fimian, the founder of a home inspection business, is vying to succeed retiring seven-term Republican Rep. Thomas M. Davis III in a district that takes most of its population from Fairfax and Prince William Counties near Washington, D.C. This district is among the most difficult for the Republicans to hold, though Fimian — who has loaned his campaign $325,000 — will have the resources to wage a serious campaign against Gerry Connolly, a county executive whose lower cash-on-hand total ($275,000) owes to his big spending ahead of his victory in a four-candidate Democratic primary in June. Fimian was unopposed for the Republican nomination, so he’s spent a much smaller share of his campaign receipts than Connolly.

While $1 million may seem like a lot of money, the District is in the expensive metro DC advertising market, which will likely eat up most of that figure.

This is a great chance not only to hold a GOP House seat, but to get a Republican into this district who is more conservative than the retiring Republican incumbent, Rep. Tom Davis.

Please donate to Keith Fimian’s campaign here.


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